Introduction: Leather Tassel Keychain

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Project Summary: Use leather remnants and a few basic leathercraft tools to create a beautiful handmade leather tassel keychain.

What You'll Need:

Step 1: Cut Leather to 2" X 7"

Place your Cutting Board on your workbench. Using your Knife, cut a piece of Leather to 2" width by 7" or 8" long (Both measurements are up to you).

Step 2: Cut Fringe

With the Steel Square, come down 1" from the top or end of the leather strap (this will be the “spine” of the tassel), and start to cut parallel strands at ¼" moving across the 2" width to make your fringe.

Step 3: Lay Leather Top Grain Side Down on Work Surface

When the strands are cut, put the leather on your work surface with the top grain down (You can place the suede side down as well, depending on the look you want) and the 2" ends to the right and left.

Step 4: Make Marks for Glue

Take the strand closest to you and fold this up and over the spine. While leaving a small loop of leather above the spine, fold the strand back over the spine and make a small mark with your fingernail on the strand where it crosses over the bottom of the spine. This will be the end mark for our glue on both sides of the tassel.

Step 5: Apply Glue to Suede Side

On this side of the tassel (suede side) add the All Purpose Cement to the entire spine and down to the marked point on the first strand and let dry for 10 minutes.

Step 6: Apply Glue to Top Grain Side

Flip the tassel over and, with the first strand (same one as previously glued) now away from you, add All Purpose Cement from the top of the spine down to the same point on the strand as the other side. On the spine, add glue one-third of the way across from this strand and let dry for 10 minutes.

Step 7: Add Swivel Snap

Once dry, flip the tassel back over so the top grain is down. Take the first strand and fold it up and over the spine and press down so the glue will adhere. Before bending this back down, slide the Swivel Snap on and leave enough of a loop so that it moves smoothly and bend back down over the spine and press for the glue to adhere.

Step 8: Roll Up Fringe Into Tassel

Take the looped end and start to roll away from you, and the glue on the spine will hold it together. Your leather tassel keychain is now complete! Remember, though, you can always add a bead, wrap or tie as a more permanent closure. Also, you can taper each strand for a more rustic look.

So, now you have to decide... Impress your friends with this DIY Christmas gift or keep it for yourself?

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