Introduction: Leather Tie

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Materials required:

2 yards x 1 yard black polyvinyl leather




Pen (or any item that can mark the underside of the material)

Step 1: Design

Create the tie outline on the your preferred program, in this case Adobe Illustrator. We have provided an Ai file for your convenience. Make sure that the red outline is hairline thickness so that the laser machine would recognize it as a cut. All black-filled designed will be engraved.


Step 2: Cut Out a Sheet of Leather

Using the ruler and scissors, cut out the material appropriately to match the size of the tie , as well as to accommodate the bed of the laser cutter, in this case 28 inches by 48 inches. We recommend using vinyl leather because it will engrave with better contrast - try using a bright coloured leather.

Step 3:

Apply the material to the bed of the laser, and tape down the edges, as the surface maybe uneven, leading to misshapes in the design. We used a Trotec Speedy 500 CO2 80w laser because if the large bed size to fit a standard 50" tie diagonally. We used 100 speed and 28 power 1000ppi for engraving, and 2 speed and 20 power 1000 hz for cutting.