Introduction: Leather Tool Roll

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Lately I have been trying my skills at leather working. Because of that I have been buying (and making) more and more tools and that was a great reason for me to make a leather tool roll. Since it doesn't require a lot of tools, it is easy to make it and the roll is a very practical way of storing your tools!


  • Leather,
  • Thread,
  • Scotch tape,
  • Metal stud.


  • Knife,
  • Sewing machine (if you don't have one, you can always hand stitch),
  • Ruler,
  • Pen.

Step 1: Cutting the Leather

First of all, I found a big piece of leather and decided in what position I am going to place the tools in the roll.

After that I cut the leather in a rectangular shape and cut out a few leather pieces that will hold the tools in place.

Step 2: Sewing

Now the time consuming part.

I did use a sewing machine, because it is faster and it looks better, however it wouldn't take eternity to hand stitch it. Also I don't have a professional leather sewing machine. The leather I used is quite soft, so I was able to use an ordinary sewing machine, but I did use a special needle for it!

I used little pieces of scotch tape to hold the little leather pieces in place while sewing. And so I sewed on one piece after another..

While it seems that sewing machine makes the job easier, actually it's really boring to tie together all the loose ends of thread.

Step 3: Finish

I used a simple brass stud to close the tool roll.

In the end I would like to say that, it's an easy project both for inexperienced and professional leatherworkers, and this is only one set of tools that can be put in a roll. Also, it's meant for storing tools, so it's even better if it is roughly stitched and without burnished edges!

I'm sure that I'll make another one for other tools!!

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