Introduction: Leather Tools Wooden Box

Today we are making a wood box for leather tools, From recycled Pallets

Step 1: Materials and Tools


- Pallet

- An old piece of fabric (i used and old bed sheet)

- Thin plywood

- Leather

- Leather stitching thread

- Screws


- Jigsaw

- Sander

- Wood burner

- Screwdriver

- Drill and 2mm drill bit

- leather punching tool and thread

Step 2: Cutting and Sanding the Pallet

first you need to decide your box size. i planned for an 43X41X26 cm box and cut the wood accordingly.

So for my box that met that i played a little with the pally width some of the wood pieces where 6 cm other were 9 cm so a matched them. cutting 4 41cm pieces with matching length and 4 43 cm (2 cm left that the box will fit).

Also for the top you need to cut another 5 43 cm pieces and a thin frame with the same size to create a gap between the top and the edge of the frame so the tools can fit.

once everything is cut and measured SAND!!! as much as you like, you but make sure the edges are very closely sand so the glue wont have trouble connecting them togther.

Step 3: Gluing and Wrapping the Bottom Plywood

Now that most of the wood is cut we need to start gluing it all together. since i dont have clamps i just used wights i had lying around but it is preferable to use clamps.

Start with the sides, first make a one layer square then another once its dry connect them all together.

For the bottom of the box i used fabric to cover the dull plywood , just measure the length you need and stitch in tightly.

I used nails to hammer in the bottom to the sides, just make sure there are small ,so you wont break the wood. you can also use the drill to drill a tiny hole and then use a small screw to connect them together.

Step 4: Second Level Bins and Leather Tool Holders

For the upper drawer, cut the plywood into 6 pieces, the bottom should be half the size of the box measure the inside before you cut. and for the separators do you best so that they will be at the same height.

wrap and stitch the fabric around them, and then stitch them to each other.

Step 5: Leather Pockets

As for the leather pockets, for every tool, measure and cut based on the amount needed to hold it firmly.

once the pocket is cut use a punching tool the prepare a hole for the thread. Take the rest of the plywood and make the frame and hole position of the thread hole. use a drill and a 2 mm drill bit to make room for the thread to pass. be careful so you wont break the plywood.

Take the thread and stitch the leather to the plywood. later you will need to glue the pockets to the top of the box.

Step 6: Top Part

By this stage you already have a box, pretty much, but it still need the lid.

First create a frame the same size of the box side, so that the tools handing from the top will have some extra space.

Then again glue the frame and the pallets together make sure its strong and if not you can again used nails or screws to make a stronger bond between the frame and pallets.

Cut 3 more small wood pieces to be used as a step for the bins drawer, drill them into the sides and then just place the bin drawer on top of them.

Step 7: Attaching the Leather Pockets

This step is a little tricky you need to apply glue between the top of the box and each leather pocket created. if you have a clamp it will make you work easier but if not just apply some pressure with small weights and try not to over bent the leather.

I used an old wine cork cut in half , as a holder for all my needles. and 2 screws to attach a lather strap, one of them i drilled directly inside the clipper so it wont be visibly noticed.

Step 8: Attaching Hinges

Pretty straight forward... you can give the box some extra bling by coating the metal part of the hinge with leather if you like..

Step 9: Add a Wood Burning Drawing

if you can draw. Great!. just make anything you like with a pencil then trace it with a wood burner tool.

But if you cant, like me, a nice trick is to use a projector to help you trace your drawing more accurately .

Step 10: Finishing Touches

Once you are done , coat the wood with varnish to make it really shine. i wanted to make the corner look better so i added some leather pieces to them. just cut a pattern you like and glue it to the corner.. you can wither wet form it or just cut 3 different pieces.

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