Introduction: Leather Badge for Your Leather Jacket

I had a day off from work today because one of the princesses of Thailand decided to grace our city with her royal presence. Works for're always welcome here, princess....come again! :-)
"Idle hands are the devil's playground" they say. Not for me! I started a little project I had in my mind for some time now: to place the logo I designed for my motorcycle tank on the back of my leather jacket.
So I went out and got myself some scrap leather from the local shoemaker, cut out the various pieces and glued them back together with some rubber adhesive and finally stitched them onto the jacket.

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Here is how to do it:

1# Find some scraps of leather of different colours

Step 1: Print!

2# Print out your logo and make sure it's the right size

Step 2: Cut!

3# Next, cut the paper logo into smaller pieces and use them to cut out the corresponding leather pieces.
 It's easier to cut the leather if you glue the paper on the leather. Use scissors.

Step 3: Fit!

4# Make sure all the pieces fit before you glue them together

Step 4: Clamp!

5# Now it's time to glue and for a better fit I used a couple of clamps

Step 5: Stitch!

6# Now it's time to glue it on the jacket and start stitching away.
Use a proper needle and thread for leather. The normal needles will just not be strong enough. Use some small piece of leather for your fingers/hand to push  the needle through the logo.

Step 6: Result

7# The finished logo
Not perfect, but that's what's "handmade" is all about, right? ;-)