Introduction: All Leather IPad Sleeve (figgy Edition)

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Here I'll show you how to make a pretty simple iPad sleeve all out of leather.  Delicious leather.  Can you smell it?  This sleeve uses 5 to 7 oz. chrome tanned leather and suede (also cow leather just finished differently)

Dimensions can be modified to fit the iPad mini. ( I need to get me one of those.  But when I do it will be for my wife ;-)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

-Leather- I use between 5 and 7 oz. leather.  Need about 3 sq. ft. of finished leather and 1.5 of colored suede (make it thick 6 oz.)
-Contact cement
-2 rivets
-1 heavy duty metal snap
-Thick thread for machine
-Thin cardboard, chipboard, poster board for pattern
-(optional) you can make up a mock up of your iPad so you don't damage your's out of mdf.  Not really necessary if you are only making one.

-Sewing Machine with leather needle.  Should be a rather strong machine if your leather is a little heavier weight.  If your leather is lighter weight you can just use a home machine.  Mine's a walking foot Juki DNU-1541 
-Straight edge
-Razor. Snap off kind
-Sharp shears or scissors
-Music by Radiohead ( something like Kid A should do the trick.  Don't skimp here this is important! )

Step 2: Pattern

Make 4 pattern pieces

-Back with flap
-Front inside pocket
-Front outside
-Small pocket on front

Figure out how far you want the flap to come down and how wide you'll want it.  This sleeve will not be sewn inside out but make sure you give a little wiggle room for the stitch.  
The back piece with flap will not have any turned edges so you can figure out the rest off of that.  Add about a half inch to top of front all other pieces so they can be turned ( step 3 )

Cut out all your pieces
I used suede for the front inside and small pocket for contrasting colors. (PURPLE!)

Step 3: Skive and Turn Edges

Mark 1" down from top edge on all pieces except the back with flap.

(Optional) Skive or reduce thickness on the grain or back side of leather.  Only necessary if leather is to thick to fold nicely.

Paint it with contact cement and let dry a bit.   Then fold it over to your one inch mark.  Clip inside corners with scissors to reduce bulk (see pics 6 & 7).  Tap it flat with a smooth hammer.

Sew all the turned edges.  I used  a 6mm stitch but usually use like a 7- 8.

Step 4: Add Pocket

With a scratch awl lightly mark where small pocket will go.  Glue on pocket and sew.

I make these pockets slightly wider on top edge to allow it to be open a bit.  They are about 5" wide at bottom and 5 3/8' at top.

Step 5: Add a Strap

Cut a strap about 1 1/2" wide and 10 " long.  This will have a snap to close sleeve when we're done.

Lay all pieces together as they would be when sewn and figure out where you want the strap to be.  Mark on both side of strap

Punch two parallel holes for strap slot and two holes for rivets.

Cut between strap holes to make the slot.

Add some rivets.  We'll add the snaps later.

Step 6: Add a Fig

On back side of the green and purple suede I drew a fig leaf and a fig respectively.

Cut 'em out with some sharp scissors.

Place them on different spots on the sleeve to see where they look best.  I didn't like them on front so I ended up putting them on back.

I glued the leaf on first and sewed it then the fig.

Step 7: Glue It Up

Glue up all the pieces to be sewn.

You can use contact cement on both sides to be adhered.  Let each piece dry a bit before sticking together.

Tap it with hammer.

Sew it all together.  Make sure to back stitch it a couple of times so the stitch won't come undone.

Step 8: Ohhh Snap!

Put some stuff inside your sleeve to fill it up like it would be under normal use to see where you want the snap.

Mark it and punch it out on just the strap.

Then mark where the hole on the strap lines up on sleeve.  Punch it by placing a piece of metal with a piece of leather on top inside of pocket.

Attach snaps.

Insert iPad.  All done!

Eat a figamajig and relax!

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