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Introduction: Leather Toe Cage Pedal Straps

Today I’m gonna teach you to make your own leather clip pedal straps. It’s
what they used back in the day before the advent of clipless pedals, but it’s having a resurgence today due to hipster fixed gear bikes that have no brakes and stop by way of wheel skidding.

Why make your own you ask? Why not just buy one and be done with it? Because this is Instructables and we roll our own! Also leather pedal straps are pretty expensive/rare here in the Philippines. So I get to use one of my maker mottos which is: “If you can’t find one, or you can’t buy one, make one!”

Let’s do this

Step 1: Materials

Bridle leather – I cannot stress this enough. USE ONLY BRIDLE LEATHER

FOR THIS PROJECT! All other types of leather are too weak for the pressure that pedal straps get. Get at least 24mm wide x 42cm long x 4mm thick.

2 pcs 8x9 German snap rivets (8mm head x 9mm long)

4 pcs ½” Square steel ring - must be steel. Brass might be strong enough, but I have no experience with it

Step 2: Tools


Cutting mat or any suitable backing to preserve the tip of your cutter

METAL RULER: caps to stress a point

Rubber mallet

Rivet setter or just a small steel hammer to save cost

#7 or 2mm hole punch

Step 3: A Note on Bridle Leather

This is the type of leather you use for horse bindings. It is strong enough for extreme pressure of pedal skidding but still pliable enough to work on. Other types of leather might be just as strong, but might stretch considerably through use. Bridle will stretch very minimally, if at all. If you doubt that what you have is not bridle, don’t use it.

I got mine from an English leather briefcase. The empty case alone weighs 3kgs!

Step 4: Cut Your Leather

Cut a 12mm wide piece of leather. Make sure it is straight all throughout the entire length. Prepare at least 42cm.

Step 5: Mark Your Holes

Form the end of the piece, mark the 1cm and 4.5cm points

Wet the marked end. As in wet it. Soak that thing. Punch holes in your marks. Now its pliable and wont crack when bent.

Step 6: Arrange for Riveting

Get your steel square rings and put the strap through 2 pcs. Make sure the gap is in the flesh side (inside the fold)

Put your rivet through the 1mm hole. Fold your strap. Put your rivet through the 4.5 mm hole after folding. Place the rivet cap.

Step 7: Set Rivet

Set your rivet. Using the rivet setter or a small hammer, set your rivet. Start with a light tapping motion, and when you feel that its set, strike one heavy blow to lock it in place. You need to tap it at first so the rivet will not bend and stay true. It you strike it heavy once, the rivet pin will bend askew. You will know this when the heads do not align to each other.

Step 8: Repeat Until Necessary

Make another piece repeating steps 4-9 and that’s it!

Step 9: Make It Double

if you need double straps, you just have to make 4 pcs and a spacer. I’ve posted a picture of the spacer to give you an idea on how to make one

Step 10: Using It

12 how the strap works.

From the outside of the pedal, pass strap through the toe cage strap slot

Loop strap to pass inner side of pedal and then to the outer side

Going up, pass the strap through both rings.

Bend strap tip downwards and pass it again but only through the bottom ring. This will create a friction lock between rings that will set the strap in place.

Adjust for the size of your shoe.

Pull strap to lock in place.

Step 11: Note and Thank You

If using single straps, it is necessary to have a clip or cage. But if you make a double strap, you can make do without it.

Sorry I don't have a picture for reference. I don't want to google for pics since Instructables told us to use our own pictures.

Hope you liked my little Instructable! Thank you for reading and don’t forget to vote for me in the Leather Contest!

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    4 years ago

    Good day Sir, how much did you spend on making this thing...

    if you are willing to sell one of this.... i'd be happy to know because im intresded on buying one (specially the double straps) im also from philippines by the way, but from Goa, Camarines Sur Bicol. thanks!!!


    Reply 4 years ago

    used to sell these for P250. I'll give you a pair for free. shipping costs money though


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks!!! :) but how much is the shipping thru lbc, because i was thinking that i would just get the item through the office


    7 years ago

    Very nice! These toe cages look classy, and very useful. I like these a lot!


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thank you! please vote for me!