Introduction: Leatherman Ukulele

Leatherman Ukulele.

Step 1: Leatherman Ukulele

This is a project I did 5 or so years ago. Just wondered if I could build a Ukulele with a Leatherman tool. Remember to get some good gloves as you will get blisters..

Step 2:

Found a cigar box some strings and tuners. Got some glue, sand paper, and a few screws. Used the saw blade and cut out the neck out of a 2X4 shaped it with the knife blade.

Step 3:

Made a notch in the box to fit the neck. Laid out the holes for the tuners and used the drill and screwdriver blade to drill the holes then used a pencil and sandpaper to clean them up to fit the tuners.

Step 4:

Used the drill blade and saw blade for the sound hole. Glued in the neck. Used the file and rasp blade to clean up the edges.

Step 5:

I needed some frets so I found some bobby pins and cut them to length.

Step 6:

I went online and found a fret calculator and laid out the frets. Used super glue to put them on. Used a plastic knitting needle to fashion a nut (the top thingy that has 4 notches to hold the strings) Had an old magnet to set the frets in place (not necessary but made it easier)

Step 7:

Used a piece of 2X4 wrapped with sandpaper to smooth the neck then used the Phillips screwdriver bit to install the tuners. Added 4 small screws to hold the strings and fashioned a bridge out of wood.

Step 8:

Update... Later on I found a strainer thing at a Goodwill store and a hinge and changed things a little bit. It had a good tone so I added a pick up for my amp.