Led Arrays( No Arduino; Work-In Progress)

Introduction: Led Arrays( No Arduino; Work-In Progress)

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UPDATE: NEW Full Instructable for this device is here: Multi-Function LED Array

This is not a full instructable. I just wanted to share the project I was hoping to complete soon. I am soon going to be adding a video and uploading it into a few contests. Thanks for reading. This is a newer version of my LED Array Program with Arduino. This one has two sets of seven LEDs one on each side of the perf board. The reason I have added two sets is for a bigger challenge and more options. I also have included two buttons on top. Each one is for something different (but neither work yet because they aren't connected ground correctly). I learned how to use a regular microcontroller from the tutorials at NewbieHack.com. They were really helpful and one of the tutorials was for a "Button Game" this is the reasoning for the two top buttons. The potentiometer in the middle also doesn't work very well(not sure why yet). But it will be used for speeding up different programs or slowing them down, as well as other things. I mentioned in the title that it is a working progress because it is a lot more challenging to program and wire up a regular microcontroller. I still have to fix all of the kinks in the hardware as well as the software. I also have a third, larger, button which I hope to use as a program switcher. I don't yet have the knowledge on how to do this though. I am trying hard to get everything working and will post a full instructable when it is done. I am hoping to use a PCB in place of a perf board and an smd microcontroller for more space.

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