Easy Led Night Light

Introduction: Easy Led Night Light

This instructable is very interesting to look at and it is a very good bedroom light.

So I wanted to share this project.

Here is what we are going to need:

1. Dc charger jack ( it's not for charging )

2. small amount of wire

3. 2x diodes

4. About 25x LEDs ( any color is great )

5. Fi-shock electric fence wire.

6. Container or box ( I used a altoids tin )

7. Black & red wire

8. 2x brace screws

9. plastic ( to bend LEDs )

10. Bare wire



Soldering iron

Hot glue gun



Now let's get started.

Step 1: Grid for LEDs

Print the grid, then tape to a card board box just the same size as grid.
Poke little holes the same size as the LEDs.

Step 2: Bending LEDs

Use a drill bit the same size as led, then Drill
On the plastic.
On the picture, ground is the right side of led, and
Left side of the led is voltage.
Make sure you bend ground of the led,
Keep repeating until you have 24 bent.

Step 3: Use the Grid to Make a Square

Once you bent 24 LEDs, make a square on the Grid , then repeat until you have soldered six squares.

Step 4: Making the Light.

Once you soldered the squares, connect two
Squares, end by end as you can see in pic. Use helping hands to help you keep soldering until you have done all the squares.

Step 5: Making the Ball.

Stick the rectangular cube to the other rectangular cube as you can see in the pic.
Which forms an X.
Then ad the other rectangular cube in the middle, If it doesn't fit desolder the last cube and do from their. Make sure the two that you
Desolder match up.

Step 6: Solder the Bare Wire.

Do not cut the wire yet!!
Use the helping hands to hold the led light,
Then take some wire and solder it to the light as you can see in the pic.
Keep repeating like in the picture,

Step 7: Prepare the Container.

Like I said Use any container or box.
Drill a hole for the wires, fi-shock, then drill a
Small hole, side by side for the screws.
Then drill hole for dc charger,

Step 8: Prepare Fi-shock Wire

Take two stands of fi-shock wire then twist so their strong. You can always trim if it's to long.
After that's done bend it like a Crescent like in the picture.

Step 9: Soldering & Screwing.

Solder black & red wires to led light ,
Then twist wire on to the fi-shock wire, after that,
Place wires in hole and screw the fi-shock on container.

Step 10: Prepare Diodes

Follow the schematic, when that's done place
Dc jack in place, plug in to 5v and your done.
If you like this project please vote thanks.

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