Introduction: Led Brake Lights

hi my name is Jevon and today I will show you how to make led brake lights

Step 1: What You Need

1. 12 bright leds

2. 4 330 ohms resistors

3. 1 9 volt battery

4. 1 buzzer

5. 1 switch

6. 4 light enclosure

Step 2: Rough Ideas

so what I did first was I used a breadboard and connected a button and 3 LEDs with a 330-ohm resistor soo i can have a rough idea of how this brake light led will work

Step 3: First Thing First

What I did was solder the resistor to the LEDs "3 LEDs for each light encloser" and a black wire to the negative end and a red wire to the positive end then I placed it in the light enclosure

Step 4: Wiring

Connect a positive wire (RED) to the battery and a negative wire (black) to the negative part of the battery then connect the black wires together then connect them to the switch do the same for the red wires. you can also use alligator clips like I did, I found it easier that way.

Step 5: Adding Buzzer

what I did as an afterthought was to add a buzzer soo when you flip the switch the buzzer will turn on as well as the lights. so what you need to do is connect the positive part to the positive part of the switch and then connect the negative part to the negative part of the switch