Introduction: Led Chaser

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Hello! guys today i'm gonna show you how to make 8 mode led chaser using 12f629 8 pin (PIC IC).

so lets get started.

Step 1: Circuit Diagram

Here it is the circuit diagram. I just found it on google at this site I just simply save it and build a chip on vero board.

Step 2: Components

Soldering iron with solder

IC: 12f629 (PIC) with base

8 leds

1 spst

1 push button

Resistors: 10k and 1k

Zener diode 5.1 volt

Vero board

9 volt battery

Step 3: Component Placing

Simply place the components on vero board according to circuit diagram.

Step 4: Soldering

Soldering your components i make a solder track because its efficient and better than any other soldering.

Step 5: Finish

Now your led chaser is ready to use with 8 different patterns.

Source code available on next step.

Step 6: Source Code

Here it is the source code you just simply download and upload into your (PIC 12f629 IC). Make sure IC is not working without source code.

Step 7: 8 Mode Led Chaser

Now enjoy your different leds running mode.

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