Introduction: Led Fun - Fridge Magnets

LEDs are a fun thing to play with various projects emerge using LEDs, so I decided to start a series of tutorials using LEDs and to start of with all the colors I will be showing you how to make cool LED fridge magnets. Furthermore to come is LED strips and LED lamps.

These magnets are cheap and look great when you have parties or just as a night light.

So lets get started...

Step 1: Tools and Components

For this instructable you will need-

  • LEDs
  • 3v Coin Cells
  • Insulating Tape
  • Magnets
  • Straws

Step 2: Circuit

The LED has two terminals (unless you got an RGB LED) the longer end is the anode and the other is the cathode the anode of the led needs to be connected to the positive terminal of the battery which is the smooth surface and the cathode to the rough surface. This should get the LED lighted up.

Step 3: Completing

After you got the LED lit up time to secure the terminals, rap the cell around with insulating tape and make sure the terminals stay in place. Add a magnet to it and you can stick it up on your fridge door, you can add straws to make it look more attractive.