Introduction: Led Gift Box

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This is my first instructable
I´ll be glad if it works for anything you can give like a present or use ir like a mail box

Step 1: Material

-Snicker´s box
-Any resistor/resistance
-Knife or hobby blade
-Gorilla Glue (any glue will be ok)
-White Marker
-1 sheet of transparent plastic or plexi glass
-Duct tape

Step 2: The Box

First draw a rectangule on the box with the white marker, then cut it with the knife

Step 3: The "Glass"

Cut a few inches bigger rectangule so you can paste it in an easy way

Put some Gorilla Glue over the edges inside the box and put the plastic rectangule in, then i used some weights to keep in place the plastic

Step 4: The LED

Attach to the led one resistor i´ve used one of 100 oms

Cut a semi circle on the top of the box to put inside of it the led

Paste the led with the duct tape inside the box t the top of the box

Attach an DC eliminator to the LED and attach the wire with duct tape behind the box

Step 5: Testing, Finishing (:

Plug your new box to the power outlet and see if it works properly

If it works decore it and  put any thing inside, enjoy (:

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