Introduction: Led Headphones

I Will Be Doing An Updated Version Of These Headphones In The Future Since I Didn't Have All The Room I Needed.

Step 1:

Since I haven't seen a single person do this I will give a tutorial on how to make your own pair of led headphones

Step 2: What You'll Need

Tip31 transistor Led(s) Batteries a soldering iron And obviously a pair of headphones

Step 3: Optional

Fabric Stuffed animal stuffing A dremel A switch And some amazing tunes

Step 4: Follow the Diagram

Step 5: Grab Your Headphones

Take them apart (most of the screws are under the earpad). Solder everything according to the diagram. MAKE SURE IT'S IN THE HEADPHONES!!!!

Step 6: Close Your Headphones, Test to Make Sure They Work

Step 7: The Image Shows the Led Glowing a Bit But It Is Brighter in Person

Have to play at very loud volume to get them to flash. I am not responsible for any hearing damage or headphones breaking!