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Hello Makers!
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make this beautiful looking glowing led heart pendant.You can build this for your loved ones and gift them. Also Hearts are beautiful but there are endless design you can think of.

Step 1: Materials Required

1) 3014 Smd led (red ).
2) Copper wire (1mm diameter).
3)Tools : - Plier
- Twizzers
- Soldering iron,flux, soldering wire.
- Marking pen.
4)3v button cell(CR2032).

Step 2: Making the Structure

•First of all take a printout of the template on a A4 sheet of paper or you can create your own design.Just make sure that the led needs to be in parallel connection.
•I have used a 1mm diameter copper wire to make the structure.With the help of the template I measured the length and then bended them in shape with the help of Pliers.
•Now you have all your pieces ready we can solder them get them into the shape.

Step 3: Soldering Time

•Soldering copper wire is easy to do.Just make sure they are not enameld copper wire.If so remove it with help of sand paper.
•Firstly I soldered the outer part of heart .For that I placed the two pieces together and added little bit of flux to it and soldered them.
•Similarly I soldered the inner part of the pendant. Then I placed both the parts together and soldered Smd led between them as of template.
•Make sure that the led must be in parallel connection with each other.
•Lastly I soldered the battery socket behind the structure. You can refer to above image to get some idea about it.
•I added little epoxy on each joint to make it more secure.

Step 4: Result

Insert the battery behind and there you go ,you created a beautiful glowing pendant for your loved ones.It is easy to make and looks simple yet beautiful .Also if you build this please let me know by uploading a picture of your project.If you have any questions regarding it please feel free to ask .Hope you enjoyed the project.


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