Introduction: Led Light Lamp

Hello guys, in this Instructable, we are gonna learn how to make a led light lamp. (Includes 3D printing)

Step 1: Measuring How Big the Pieces of Wood Are Gonna Be

Get a big piece of wood and measure how big you want your lamp.

We did it 11.5cm Width, 11.5 Length and 8 pieces.

Step 2: Sanding

Then, sand the pieces so they are soft and smooth and there are not pointy edges.

Step 3: Plotting Points in the Middle of the Pieces and Cutting the Circle

Afterwards, do an X on the pieces and mark a circle in the middle so you can punch a circle to put inside the led lights in 6 pieces not 7 because one has to be full so it's the top of the lamp.

Step 4: Staining

After that, paint the sides of the pieces with the holes with stain and the one without the hole, the sides and the top. Let it dry fully for 30 minutes.

Step 5: Using Tinkercad

Meanwhile the stain is drying, use the program to design 6 pieces with the same measures of the wood pieces. After finishing design them, 3D print them with transparent PLA.

Step 6: Led Lights

Buy led lights so you can put them inside the lamp.

Step 7: Arranging the Led Lights Inside the Lamp

Arrange all the 3D pieces and wood pieces together and measure how long the led lights are gonna be.

Step 8: Gluing

After measuring the length of how the led lights are gonna be, start gluing the pieces together with silicone or school glue, preferably silicone.

Step 9: Clamping the Lamp

After gluing the pieces, use a clamp to press on the lamp so it's perfectly together. Let it dry for 2 or 3 hours.

Step 10: Your Lamp!

And this are the steps to make a led light lamp!

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