Introduction: Led Matrix Arduino

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In this tutorial i will show you how to interface 8x8 Led Matrix with Arduino UNO

Step 1: Watch the Video!

The video gives you a good overview on how to interface 8x8 Led Matrix Display with Arduino. You will able to display whatever on Led Matrix.In the above video i had show you how to display "MINDSTORM" . In the next steps though I will present you some additional information to make this project even simpler.

Step 2: Components Needed

The Components that you will required to create this project are as follows:

1: 64 Leds

2: PCB

3: 16 Male to Female Jumper Wire

4: Arduino UNO

Step 3: Create the Circuit

In the circuit you can see the schematic of the 8x8 Led Matrix. I had upgraded the circuit as you can see in the picture, the PCB is of more then 8x8 led matrix which is of no use for this project. I had connected the Arduino Uno to the led matrix as per to the circuit diagram with the help of male to female jumper wires.

Step 4: Upload the Code

Now your circuit is completed, it is time to upload the code. You can download it here.

Step 5: Success!

You did it! You had just learn how to interface the 8x8 led Matrix Display with Arduino Uno and Display whatever.

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