Introduction: Led Race

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Led Race using a Raspberry PI and Makey Makey


  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Led Strip WS2813
  3. Alligator clips
  4. Makey Makey
  5. Tin foil
  6. Cardboard
  7. Play-doh

Step 1: Raspberry Pi

The project is really simple. I’m using the WS2813 led strip and using the API that I found on the internet.
Python library wrapping for the rpi-ws281x library

You can check my GitHub to see the full code.

It’s basically a Python code that runs on the Raspberry Pi that controls the Led Strip and the Makey Makey that I used to simulate one keyboard. Every click I move the led 3 positions forward.

The makey makey part is just one tin foil and play-doh.

I used the GPIO 10 (pin 19) and 18 (pin 12) for LED_PIN and LED_DMA and GPIO 9 (pin 6) for Ground.

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