Introduction: Led Wood and Resin Lamp

About: I love working with wood. I make bandsaw boxes and just lately ive got a lathe and now enjoy woodturning.

In this instructable i will be making a wood and resin LED light i will take you through the steps of how i made this and i have attached a video for you to watch and help you with making this project.


Elm Burr

Epoxy resin

Blue ink for resin

LED lights running from mains or batteries.

Bandsaw to cut the wood to shape.

Hdpe plastic bin to make mould.

Glue gun

10mm drill bit


Step 1:

1. I firstly cut a piece of elm burr to fit inside the plastic mould. The mould was a plastic bin which i cut in half.

2. I drilled a 10 mm hole into the bottom of the burr to place the led lights.

3. My worktop is made with HDPE so i was able to hot glue the mould to my work bench before placing the burl / burr into the mould. Before hot glueing the mould i placed the led lights through the hole i drilled and moved them out of the way in the mould before the first resin pour.

Step 2:

1. I first poured a thin layer of clear resin around 5mm to seal the mould and to place the LED lights on so they didn't sit on the top of the resin. Follow the mixing instruction for your resin and ensure that the resin is mixed per instruction to ensure a good cure.

Leave overnight

Step 3:

1. Once resin is cured place the LED lights on top of resin ensuring they are in enough to be covered by the resin.

2. I then mixed the resin added the blue dye so that the resin was translucent enough to see through. You can find resin calculator online from to help with the amounts of resin you will need.

3. Pour the resin up to the top of the wood and leave overnight to cure.

Step 4:

1. Now to finish the resin pour a final thin layer of clear resin around 5mm to cover the top of the wood.

Again leave over night to fully cure.

Step 5:

Lastly cut away the mould, find a great spot and turn on the lights you are done.

I hope you enjoyed thank you for reading this instructable.

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