Led Light Cap / Safty Cap or Light

Introduction: Led Light Cap / Safty Cap or Light

this is one of my entrys to the contest i had gotten this idea from a make magzine in the tool box section called h2on its a cap light for nalgeen bottles so i said toi myselft in stead of buying it for 22 bucks i made my own less than a few dollars

Step 1: Parts and Tools

well here in hawaii they only have radioshack and the internet so i went to radioshack even though it is expensive =(

simple aa battery holder with a 9v battery clip

a 9v battey clip

aa battery

a 3.3v 20ma 10mm red led

a swicth


solder iron and solder of course

hot glue gun and glue sticks for hot glue gun

Step 2: Solder on the Swicth

and then glue it on

Step 3: Cut and Place the Led in the Cap

chose a bottle cap and put a hole i it with a knife or something
then fit inside
solder the led negitive to positive then glue in the led

Step 4: Glue It Together and Their It Is a Red Glowwing Cap

now glue the cap to the battery holder and you should be done now test it out and use it in case of emergency on the road side lol

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Don't worry, Rob K. There's no Radio Shack anymore. Now you've got to find an electronics store. We've got nothing but Fry's here -- most places don't even have them.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    yea dude, thats sumthin i like. I'll make sum of these usin baby bottles and UV LEDs and give them to my juggling room-mate for upcoming night-shows, tha'll gonna be fun!

    Rob K
    Rob K

    12 years ago on Introduction

    Nice Also radio shack is no fun on its prices.