Led Lighting Terrace

Introduction: Led Lighting Terrace

In this Instructable I will take you through how I made Led lighting terrace with a Led strip.

Terrace in my summer house had poor lighting- old lamp with one bulb.

Deck is 6 meters long and 2 meters wide - so enough LED strip with a length of 5 metres.

Step 1: What You Will Need:


1. Led strip 300 LED (60 Leds per metr, SMD5050), warm white, waterproof (IP65), 5 metres long, power consumption 14,4W / 1 meter, supply voltage 12V AC - DC (photo 1)

2. Desktop Power Supply LED 48W 4A, rated voltage: 12V DC, current Rating: 4ADC (photo 2)

3. The DC terminals

4. wire

5. plug

6.heat-shrinkable insulation


1.stapler & staples (photo 6)

2. knife

3. soldering iron & tin solder

4. screwdriver

Step 2: Attaching the Led Strip

Led strip has 3M double-sided adhesive tape, which will facilitate installation on any surface. The tape was applied white PCB substrate so that the tape can be formed in any way. It is at the same time, also more durable. The strip can be cut every 5 cm and combine any sections using soldering or special connectors. So silicone protects LEDs- LED strips can be used in places where we have contact with difficult conditions such as: water, steam, and moistu

My summer house is wooden- I used a stapler to attach Led strip. I'm sorry but I have no photos. I only have two hands and I did not take tripod ;)

Step 3: Wiring

LED tape used is equipped with a connector, so no soldering.
To one end of the DC terminals connect LED strip and the other end connect Desktop Power Supply LED.
Now, solder to the electrical wiring of the old lamp plug, connect the power adapter plug... and done

Step 4: Finish

The final result

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