Introduction: Led Lamp

Firist of all, sorry my english.
In this "post" i will show how to make a led lamp.

Step 1: Need This:

1- 3v baterry
2- LED
3- Electrical tape
4- Part of CLIPS

Step 2: Making

Firist put the low part of LED in the side negative of baterry and will put the electrical tape, look the images. The high part dont will touch in the baterry.

Step 3: Finish

Put the leverage, just like the picture and put the electrical tape again. Yeah!!! Is finish. Now move the leverage to front for this work. The leverage in contact to baterry will bring energy to the LED and complete the system. It all.

Step 4: MOD Using the Lamp

For make a desk lamp.

Step 5: More

Use the double-sided tape in the baterry toput in the cover. Oh, dont forget of make a hole in the cover!!! and is just it. The leverage need stay in the hole.