Introduction: Left Right Game

Its a game designed to help kids learn their lefts and rights early on.


  • Cardboard
  • Felt
  • Needle and conductive thread
  • CircuitPlayground

Step 1: Make the Card Board Back

Make a shape that makes it easy to tell which side is left and which side is right and cut it out of cardboard.

Step 2: Add the Felt

Simply trace the shape you made on to some felt then cut it out and sew the edges on. Then stuff the cotton in and sew it on the rest of the way. Repeat as many times as you need.

Step 3:

For this to work you are going to need to use the more advanced features of the block code like arrays and if then statements. Rather than type out a huge explanation I have provided pictures of the code that I think do a much better job of explaining how it works.

Step 4: Finish It Up

Make a circuit diagram to plan where your threads are going and use then just hook it up.