Introduction: Leftover Epoxy Keychain

We've always got a little leftover epoxy resin from our big pours. Those tiny molds for cake/crafts are perfect for the extra epoxy. We turned this turtle to a keychain!


Epoxy resin
Small silicon mold
Eye hook
Jewelry finding
Jewelry cord
Keychain hoop
E6000 glue
Craft dremel with sanding bit and tiny drill bit (to match eye hook size)
Needle nose plyers
Clear nail polish top coat (optional)
Tape or clamp (optional)

Step 1: Epoxy

Using the epoxy leftover from your big pour, pour into the tiny silicon molds. Work quickly, but feel free to go crazy and mix colors and even swirl colors. We used this turtle fish mold from the craft store. Let the epoxy completely cure. With a silicone mold, they should pop out easily. Use the sanding bit on the craft dremel to cleanup the charm if needed.

Step 2: Keychain!

Get a drill bit for your rotary tool that is about the same size as the threads on your eye hook. Drill a hole half as long as the threads on your eye hook on a thick part of your charm. I then added a jewelry hoop on the eye hook. I cut a length of jewelry cord. I based the length on how long I wanted the key chain and doubled the length. I then folded the length I'm half and secured the hoop side down using a clamp, but you could also use tape, or just have a friend hold it. Then I knotted the cord leaving a loop at the top. I continued knotting for a total of 5 knots, then switched so I was using the longer strand. Knotted 5 and switched. I kept going till I was at the length I wanted. Leave enough room to have another loop. Knot again. Add the cord to the jewelery finding. Then add the other side to a keychain ring. I added E6000 glue to the end knots and the jewlwery finding to make things more secure. If you had to sand down your charm you can use a thin layer of top coat clear nail polish on your charm to smooth things out. (Optional).
Hang keys from the keychain ring, or add it to a bag for decoration. We always leave a little epoxy behind now for all sorts of shapes and charms!