Leftover Sugru Dinosaur




Introduction: Leftover Sugru Dinosaur

Sugru is a great material, but one of the problems with it is that you have to use a whole sachet at once.  If you only need a small amount for something, you'll be left with some rapidly curing Sugru with no use for it.  I made this cute T-Rex out of some leftovers from our build night. 

You could use Sculpey, Fimo or other mouldable modelling substances just as well, but the purpose of this was to use up some leftover Sugru for something creative.

Step 1: Work Out Amounts

Divide your Sugru into one larger blob, and two smaller blobs about half to two thirds the size of the larger one.

Step 2: It's Got Legs

Form each of the smaller pieces into a fat "2" shape.  (That's a shape like the number 2, not a shape like a number two, you dirty people).  Make the bottom of the 2 shorter and flatter for a foot.

Step 3: Some Body to Go With

Pinch off two small pieces from the body and set them aside to make arms (I forgot to picture this).  Make the rest of the body piece into a kind of upside-down question mark.  Give the top end a sharp bend and shape it like a head.  Form the other end into a pointy tail.  If you want to, you can texture the front of the body with consummate V's.  A scalpel, dental pick or other sharp modelling tool would be better than fingernails here- work with what you have.

Step 4: Dealing in Arms

Stick the legs onto the body as pictured.  Take the small pieces you reserved for the arms and give them about a 45 degree bend in the middle, and stick them to the body.  If you want to be biologically accurate you could smooth out the joins between the various pieces, but I left my dinosaur cartoony-looking with separate pieces.

Step 5: Creature Features

If you have a bit of white sugru left over, or some beads, googly eyes or other small objects with the right look, you can give your dinosaur eyes.  Don't stop there- get creative and add whatever features you want.  Real dinosaurs have eyes, ears, teeth, claws, scales... use your imagination!

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