Introduction: Leftover Taco Bell Omelet!

Last night my sister and I got too much food at taco bell, and instead of throwing out the rest, decided to make a fun omelet in the morning! All you really need is eggs and your left overs, but we decided to add a couple fun fixings. Turned out to be pretty delicious!

Step 1: Ingredients

First, you'll need some ingredients!
This omelet was made for three people, but would be great for two hungry people!

-non-stick pan
-medium bowl

Omelet Base:
-3 egg whites
-3 whole eggs
*by using some egg whites and some whole eggs, the outcome is a less condensed omelet, I prefer this lighter mixture but feel free to use 4/5 whole eggs to achieve the same amount of omelet base*

Omelet Fixings:
-1 Taco
-1/2 cup salsa
-1/4 cup of cheese (add more if you like!) 
-1 large hand-full of tortilla chips, crushed
-1 Tablespoon of olive oil for the pan

Step 2: Cooking the Base

Take your egg whites and eggs and whisk them up in a bowl. When finished, heat your pan at a medium heat with a tablespoon of olive oil. One quick swirl of olive oil around the pan is usually equal to about 1 tablespoon. When it's nice and warm and you can hear the oil sizzle a bit, add your egg batter. When it's about half way cooked, start adding your fixings!  

Notice that when you are half way cooked, the uncooked egg will act like an adhesive glue for small fixings like crushed tortilla chips or cheese pieces, as it cooks the tortilla bits will remain intact with the omelet base. This is handy, so that when you do fold, flip, or serve your omelet, none of the little pieces get thrown around your kitchen, and more is left for you! ;-) 

Step 3: Last Fixing: Taco

Add whichever other fixing you've chosen to add. We added our crushed tortilla chips, cheese bits, and swirled some salsa amongst the omelet base. 

Because our taco bell-taco had lettuce in it, we decided to leave it for last. Cooked lettuce is not quite a delicacy. By the time we added this, the omelet base was almost totally cooked. 

We cut it up a bit with a knife, and then crumbled bits and pieces amongst the pan. 

Step 4: Serve!

This fun omelet can be served open or you can fold it in half like we did. Nevertheless, it will taste the same any way you choose! We sure enjoyed it, and we hope that anyone else who tries it enjoys a fun leftovers-turned-to-breakfast delectable! Cheers!