Leg Heard

Introduction: Leg Heard

Hi, everyone.


this is my Leg Heard, a simple device to assist people who focusless or blind when walking.

accord to people with older or blind, their move or action is limited by leg or eye. I hope there are some tools could help them make life easier with few cost. so I made a assistive wareable device and easy to use, price is reasonable, too.

to use Leg Hear is very easy. just put the sensor to your leg / ankle or shoe, and you will get a notice, like vibration or beep sound, when environment is not smooth.

the accuracy angle is around 30 degree, and distance of my Led Heard under 1M, at this area, you would feel a strong vibration or quick beep, it would be getting fast when block is really close to sensor, and around 1M~5M, it just a small vib or sound,

currently, I use Intel Edison to develop, but I will find a cheaper device to make price down. and let people could afford, or free when sponsored.

hope you like it

Thank you



Step 1:

current project:

1. Intel Edison


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    Cool project. If you could add a few more details about how you made it, it would really help people replicate your project.