Introduction: Legend of Zelda Ceramic Art

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I am working on a large Legend of Zelda ceramics and mixed media project based around a sword prop with more than a little bit of magic incorperated into it, as seen in the last three photos above. However, that is a different instructable coming this fall when I finish.

This page shows some of the finished pieces as well as a hyperspeed process video of me creating a heart container and casting a rupee. The next page talks a bit about the process.

I am entering this project into the ceramics contest and would greatly appreciate any votes.Thank you very much.

Step 1: Process Images

Here I will talk a little bit about the process for each ceramic piece for those who are interested.

The pot was handbuilt from coils of clay and then cast in plaster to make multiple copies. I have two complete pots as well as the one I smashed for the image on the previous page. To make a each pot with the mold I rolled out two very large slabs of white earthenware clay and pressed one into each half of my mold using a damp sponge. The sponge compresses the clay better than fingers will. I then trimmed the excess clay away, slipped and scored each edge, and pressed the two halves of the mold together. After waiting overnight for the clay to pull away from the sides of the mold I removed my pot, cleaned it up and went through the firing/glazing process.

For all of the heart shaped objects I pressed clay into a candy container, scored, slipped and pressed both halves together like in the video. After waiting for the clay to shrink from the plastic and harden a bit, I removed the hearts, smoothed them out using various tools, and then finished them in a few different ways. The simple hearts were bisque fired and glazed, the heart containers were pierced like in the video and the majora's masks seen on this page had eye holes cut out, eyes inserted, and then were carved. When carving the masks I used a set of candy heart containers that I had cut into a template. For the heart containers and majora's masks I gave them a base coat of glaze and added other details in with acrylic after firing.

The rupees were made from MDF using a table saw origionally as I wanted to keep them as geometric as possible. I then created a mold of the MDF piece using pottery plaster and cast them using grolleg slip. They were glazed, fired and clearcoated with a spraypaint.

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