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Introduction: Legend of Zelda LTTP Hyrule World Map Diorama

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I made a diorama of the light world from A Link to the Past game in Zelda. It was made from dry grey gardeners blocks and cost under £10 for finish completely.

Step 1: The Materials

I decided that I wanted to use 8 of these blocks they measure 230 x 110 x 80mm each. I laid the eight blocks together to get the area and divided the depth of the blocks into quarters. I decided Death Mountain would be the reference since it's in 3 layers and including the base is four. All the trees and rocky areas are on the second layer. I trimmed the trees down about 1mm to make them shorter than the rocky areas. I roughly sketched out the map on the blocks and cut it using small cutting knifes.

Step 2: Preparing for Paint

After all the blocks were cut out I completely covered them in a layer of PVA glue except the base to make them more sturdy and easier to paint.

Step 3: Painting the Land

I Painted the entire thing with acrylic paint and mixed some white with green for the grass. I glued the pieces together and stuck them to a big piece of cardboard for the base that I had from a felt drawing picture from a pound shop.

Step 4: The Details

I made the various buildings and bridges from off cuts of the blocks and painted them. I used lollipop sticks for the bridges on Death Mountain and cuttings from pipe cleaners to make the small trees and later decided to paint the grass a darker green.

Step 5: Added Details

I was happy with how it look when it was painted but I decided to buy two bags of different coloured diorama grass to use. I then typed up a quick summary on what I did and printed it out along with a picture of the map which I attached to the bottom of the base along with Triforce symbol from a necklace I had and I mixed some of the dust from the blocks with grey paint and used that on some wooden alphabet letters I had to spell out Hyrule.

Step 6: Finished

After I glued the grass down and stuck on some cotton wool for the clouds I was finished.

Step 7: Done

Overall I was happy with how it turned out and I added some picture hooks holes in the back so it can hang from the wall. I had fun making it and it took me about a week to finish and cost under £10 to make. It wasn't until after I finished that I noticed I was missing a few details on it but it doesn't bother me too much, I am thinking about redoing this project and making a smaller one along with a dark world one. Maybe half light and half dark? I'm not sure but I'm happy with this one for now! I'd love to read what you think in the comments below!!! I also have other projects like my Soul Eater wooden scythe replica and my wooden Hylian shield from OoT and another diorama of the map from the same game.

I have drawings and other projects posted on my Devianart page if you wanna check it out here: http://ant-richards.deviantart.com/

I also have a Twitter if you want to take a look at that: https://twitter.com/_Ant_Richards

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