Introduction: Lego 1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS Custom

Chevrolet Monte Carlos are one of my favorite cars so I decided to make a '88 Monte Carlo SS out of Lego. I tried to make it as detailed and realistic as possible and it took me a few days to design/build it. It's blue with red flames and features side exhaust, a lift kit, big tires and wheels, and a huge hood scoop. The interior has reclining seats and a stick shift. Unfortunately I ran low on parts so I had to improvise in some cases. As with most of my Instructables, this one has minimal text so you have to follow along closely with the photos, but most of it is self-explanatory. There are countless ways you can modify this ride so that it meets your taste. I hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Exhaust

Step 2: Tail Lights and Rear Bumper

Step 3: Roof

Step 4: Trunk/Rear Fenders

Step 5: Add These Parts to the Trunk/Rear Fenders

Step 6: Doors/Interior

Step 7: Add These Parts to the Doors/interior

Step 8: Hood and Headlights

Step 9: Add Bumper, A-pillars, and Base for Wheels

Step 10: Connect Everything Together

Step 11: Add Flag and You're FInished!

Feel free to leave any questions or comments!