Introduction: Lego A2 Powerful Mini Crossbow

This is the sequel to my smaller A1 crossbow. This crossbow is ALOT more powerful, because it can shoot 30+ feet (depending on rbs), can dent cardboard (keep in mind, this is lego, not sharpened knex), and is very accurate. The only downside is that this crossbow is larger than the A1, but it is still fairly small. It also has a new type of sight on it, which is kind of like the Ak47 type of sight. It makes it alot more accurate. The crossbow also has a new type of trigger, a system which uses 2 gears to fire. The crossbow fires 2x2 bricks, with a flat piece on top.

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Step 1: Bottom Add-Ons

In this step, the handle and the trigger holder is made.

Step 2: Trigger

The trigger and the pivot pieces for the trigger.

Step 3: Base + Attaching Add Ons to Base

Here we make the base of the gun, and we attach the trigger and the holder thing to the bottom of that.

Step 4: The Ends of Crossbow (RB Holders)

The 2 sections of the end of the crossbow.

Step 5: Another Thin Layer on Top, and the Back Part

Read the title

Step 6: Firing Gear and Completion of Runway

The gear that holds and fires the rubberbands is made, and the runway is completed.

Step 7: Sight (Optional)

This is how to build the sight

Step 8: Ammo and Rubberbands

Shows the type of ammo, the rubber bands used.