Lego ATV

Introduction: Lego ATV

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This Instructible will show you how to make an awesome lego ATV

Step 1: Parts You Need

Parts (top left to bottom right) four large tires, four large wheels, two axle/low plates,two grill pieces,one two-by-two plate, one handlebar, one two-by-one with a single stud on top, a two-by-one with an upwards peg, two two-by-two wheel cover pieces, one translucent two-by-one plate, a two-by-one plate, a two-by-two circular plate, a two-by-six plate, a two-by-one plate with a two-by-two side-plate, a one-by-one upwards clamp, and lastly a two-by-four plate

Step 2: Put the Wheels on the Axels

Step 3: Put the Tires on the Wheels

Step 4: Put the 2 X 2 Plate on One of the Axel Pieces

Step 5: Put the 1 X 1 Upwards Peg Piece on One Side of the 2 X 2

Step 6: Put the 1 X 1 Plate by the Other 1 X 1 With the Upwards Peg

Step 7: Put the 2 X 6 Over the Wheel Axel

Step 8: Put the Other Wheels on the Underside of the 2 X 6

Step 9: Put the 2 X 2 Wheel Cover Over the Back Wheels

Step 10: Put the 2 X 4 on the Space Left on the 2 X 6

Step 11: Put the Circular 2 X 2 on the Front

Step 12: Put the Other Wheel Cover Over the Circular 2 X 2

Step 13: Put the 2 X 1 With the 2 X 2 Side-plate on the Front End

Step 14: Put One of the Grill Pieces on the Bottom of the Side-plate

Step 15: Place the 2 X 1 Translucent Piece Above the Grill on the Side-plate

Step 16: Put the 1 X 2 With the Single Stud Behind the 2 X 1 Part of the Side-plate

Step 17: Put the 1 X 1 Upwards Clamp on the Single Stud

Step 18: Place the Handlebars on the Clamp

Step 19: Put the Last Grill on the Very Back of the ATV

Congratulations! You have just built a minifigure friendly ATV, enjoy!

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    Question 11 months ago on Step 19

    how do you get these specific pieces, like the steering bar wheel thing and the wheel cover things and the peg thingamajig and little bar cover things that look like sewer drains covers? (no offense bc idk what theys called sry)

    brandt e
    brandt e

    7 years ago

    sweet, I think I'll make it


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a pretty cool instructable! I hope you make more like this one and that you enter this in a contest. Good job!