Lego ATV

Introduction: Lego ATV

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This Instructible will show you how to make an awesome lego ATV

Step 1: Parts You Need

Parts (top left to bottom right) four large tires, four large wheels, two axle/low plates,two grill pieces,one two-by-two plate, one handlebar, one two-by-one with a single stud on top, a two-by-one with an upwards peg, two two-by-two wheel cover pieces, one translucent two-by-one plate, a two-by-one plate, a two-by-two circular plate, a two-by-six plate, a two-by-one plate with a two-by-two side-plate, a one-by-one upwards clamp, and lastly a two-by-four plate

Step 2: Put the Wheels on the Axels

Step 3: Put the Tires on the Wheels

Step 4: Put the 2 X 2 Plate on One of the Axel Pieces

Step 5: Put the 1 X 1 Upwards Peg Piece on One Side of the 2 X 2

Step 6: Put the 1 X 1 Plate by the Other 1 X 1 With the Upwards Peg

Step 7: Put the 2 X 6 Over the Wheel Axel

Step 8: Put the Other Wheels on the Underside of the 2 X 6

Step 9: Put the 2 X 2 Wheel Cover Over the Back Wheels

Step 10: Put the 2 X 4 on the Space Left on the 2 X 6

Step 11: Put the Circular 2 X 2 on the Front

Step 12: Put the Other Wheel Cover Over the Circular 2 X 2

Step 13: Put the 2 X 1 With the 2 X 2 Side-plate on the Front End

Step 14: Put One of the Grill Pieces on the Bottom of the Side-plate

Step 15: Place the 2 X 1 Translucent Piece Above the Grill on the Side-plate

Step 16: Put the 1 X 2 With the Single Stud Behind the 2 X 1 Part of the Side-plate

Step 17: Put the 1 X 1 Upwards Clamp on the Single Stud

Step 18: Place the Handlebars on the Clamp

Step 19: Put the Last Grill on the Very Back of the ATV

Congratulations! You have just built a minifigure friendly ATV, enjoy!

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    2 Discussions

    brandt e
    brandt e

    6 years ago

    sweet, I think I'll make it


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is a pretty cool instructable! I hope you make more like this one and that you enter this in a contest. Good job!