Introduction: Lego BBQ Grill

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Welcome to my 16 instructable! This will teach you how to make a Lego BBQ Grill! This BBQ Grill suits a minifigure, has functional drawers and a realistic grill! This build can be a great addition to your Lego scenes and displays!

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Step 1: Pieces

Here is the list of all the Lego parts needed:
  1. Two 1 by 2 Bricks (White)
  2. Two 2 by 4 Bricks (White)
  3. Two 2 by 2 Bricks (White)
  4. One 4 by 6 Platform (White)
  5. One 2 by 3 Drawer (White)
  6. One 2 by 2 "Grill" (White)
  7. Two 1 by 2 Platforms (Lime)
  8. Twelve 1 by 2 Flat-Top Platforms (Lime)
  9. Two 1 by 2 Flat-Top "Grill Like" Platforms (Grey)
  10. Four 1 by 1 "Cones" (Red, Yellow, Orange and Purple)
  11. Four 1 by 1 Rounded Platforms (White Transparent)
  12. One 2 by 2 "Plate" (White Transparent)
  13. One 1 by 1 Rounded Platform (Black)
Note: Colors are optional.
(Picture provided for visual explanation.)

Step 2: Main Structure

In this step we will build the main structure. This will be the back of the grill and it will hold half of the grill top.

Step 3: Drawer and Grill

In this step we will add the drawer and the grill!

Step 4: Counter Top

In this step we will build the counter top!

Step 5: Finishing Touches

In this step we will add the decoration "Cone" Bottles.

Step 6: Conclution

I hope you enjoyed my lesson on how to make a Lego BBQ Grill! This instructable was planned for 2 months so if you enjoyed it I would much appreciate if you favorite it. Thank you for your time, and I hope I will see you in my next instructable!