Introduction: Lego Brownies!

Hello everyone! In honor of lego brick contest i have made lego brownies which are delicious and fun to make !

Step 1: What Your Going to Need

Now for this i am using boxed brownie mix, but if you have a homemade recipe That works too.

~ Boxed brownie mix
~ A casserole dis
~ A pack (or bag) of M' M's
~ Some vanilla frosting
~ And food dye

Step 2: First Bake Brownies

First your going to wanna start by bake yoir brownies.

Step 3: Dying the Frosting

As your brownies are baking you can start by dying your frosting all different colors. A technique that i used was to separate the frosting into different bowls. Also the closer the color matches the m&m the better.

Step 4: Cutting the Brownies

Now cut your brownies into squares and rectangles. The squares are the smaller legos and the rectangles are the bigger ones.

Step 5: Frosting

Now gently spread the frosting on all the brownies.

Step 6: Adding M'&M'

Now place the m&ms on the brownies. The small ones will have 4 m&ms and the bigger ones will have 6 m&ms.

Step 7: Serve !

And now your done! These are so cute and tasty. Also super fun to do with kids. I hope you all enjoy this instructable and i will see you all next week!
~ Liz

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