Introduction: Lego Building Table

Hi! I'm a lego builder and I think it would be awesome to make a lego building table! You will need many blocks but you will probably have them because there basic blocks.this might be a little tricky and you will need to have the patience and you will need to be a good builder to make it. Have fun! You will need: -At least 2 lego platforms -thin short and long blocks -the fat blocks that are usually six piece block. -and any extra things you want to add to it

Step 1: Start With the First Leg of the Table

Stack the six piece block up. Try to stack it up taller. I prefer 33 blocks tall.

Step 2: Then Make the Second Leg of the Table

Repeat step 1

Step 3: Make a Tower in the Middle Between the Two Legs

Try to make the tower tall enough to be the height of the legs of the table

Step 4: Add Platform

What I did was got two platforms and put them together. Since the platform doesn't connect with the other blocks on the bottom of it, I connected it with a different block connecting with the top of the leg.

Step 5: Add Two More Legs

There is now five legs to keep it steady.

Step 6: Build a Supply Area on One Part of the Table

On one part of the top of the platform, make a little supply area. It will keep it nice and organized. You can add some things to it if you would like.

Step 7: Building Area

On the other part of the table, that will be your building area. Build what ever you want

Step 8: Enjoy!

Thank you and have fun!

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