Introduction: Lego USB Bluetooth Stick With Lid

Hello and Welcome to my First Instructable.

I know Lego and USB have been combined before but not quite like this.

1. it's a Bluetooth Stick.
2. it is small and could be easily used as real Lego.
3. it has a lid.

After having to tape the case back onto my old Blutooth Stick I thought why not make a new case? I had seen Lego and USB sticks combined in the past but I didn't like the size and the fact they were not really usable as Lego so I made this, and I am now taking it apart to make this instructable :)

Step 1: Go Find Your Lego!

You will need only 4 bricks and for the purpose of this instructable I will use different coloured bricks.

I used a stanley knife for all the cutting, I also used the cutting wheel to sand down the circuit board.

Step 2: Flat 4x2 Yellow Bick Prep

You will need to cut three of the edges; both the long ones and one of the short, plus all of the studs (that say LEGO on).

Step 3: Flat 2x2 Red Bick Prepreation

Like in step 2 more cutting, all the edges this time and the studs.

Step 4: Fat 8x2 Blue Brick Prep

Time for the hard cuts!
Try to remove everything from inside the brick.

Step 5: Fat 4x2 Orange Brick Prep

This was also quite hard to cut, I ended up slipping and cutting through tthe bottom section by mistake (see Tag)

Step 6: Board Prep

I had to sand down the edge of the board "just a tiny amount" ;) to fit it in the blue brick

Step 7: Time to Get Your Glue!

At this point, I put it all together to test fit the pieces and cleaned up the edges ready to glue.

I used a piece of insulating tape to protect the board from glue/epoxy.

Step 8: Gluing

I put glue on the inside of the blue brick then placed the board in, then the yellow piece to seal it in.  It is best to press down on a flat surface to make sure it sets flush if you don't it might not be useable.

The lid was more tricky as there is nothing to stop the red bottom from setting too far into the lid, so take care.

Step 9: See Your Friends Look at Your Stick With Envy

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