Introduction: Lego Dalek

Are you a Doctor Who fan? Have tons of lego? Is your only lego dalek a piece of crap square-ish thing or do you not have a lego dalek? If any of these categories apply to you, you must see this instructable!

Step 1: Material

You will need:

5 studs/1x1 round plates (one needs to be blue)
2 cones (one needs to be silver or gray)
3 parabolas (they all need to be the same colour)
5 rotator-arm thingies (see below)
2 1x1 bricks w/ 4 studs (see below)
1 1x4 plate
1 left angle plate (same colour as 1x4 plate)
1 right angle plate (same colour as left and 1x4 plates)
1 dome/ finishing piece
1 1x2 plate
1x1 plate/ dual studs/dots

Step 2: The Base

So first take your two 1x1 bricks w/ 4dots/studs and four studs (do NOT use the blue one) and pile them up like so.

Step 3: Arm Base

Next put the 1x1 plate w/ 2 dots/studs and your 1x2 plate together then attach them like so.

Step 4: How to Make the Double Arms

You will need two rotator arms for this. First take one, rip out the arm from the base. Then feed it through backwards like so. Then take the other one, rip out the arm and attach the base to the new double arm.

Step 5: Manipulator Arm

For your manipulator arm, take the first double arm and add a cone, the attach it so that if facing it, it is on your LEFT, or from the dalek's point of view, it's right.

Step 6: Gunstick

Now take your regular rotator arm and attach it to the opposite side

Step 7: The Armor

First take the 1x4 plate and put on the back of the body. Then the two angled plates and place them on the sides of the body so that the angle is facing forward like so.

Step 8: The Neck

Now take your 3 parabolas and pile them then place them on the top of the body.

Step 9: The Head

Now take your dome, place it on top of the neck, make another double arm, place your grey/silver cone and put it on the end of the arm, place the blue stud on the end of the one on the arm then place the pivoting base on the head and level out the eyestalk.

Step 10: Congradulations!

Congradulations! You have just finished your dalek! Have fun! Use it in videos, pictures or just mess around with it. I'd like to see what your dalek looks like, so, if you want, you can post a comment with a link to some pictures of your dalek. Thanks! Be sure to look out for pics of my TARDIS!