Introduction: Lego Design Storage Shoebox

Simple DIY Cardboard Storage Box

I saw this idea (the original was made of wood and significantly larger) on pinterest which gave me the idea of a mini-version, something a lot simpler, that could pop in the closet or worst case scenario on the floor and still look pretty nifty.


  • Shoebox (or any kind of box with the same rough rectangular shape as lego)
  • Paint (Any colour you would like your lego box to be)
  • Cardboard roll
  • Piece of flat cardboard
  • Glue
  • Stanley knife or equivalent
  • Finisher or sealer

Step 1: Make the Lego Studs

I had a cardboard roll that came out of wrapping paper and wasn't a solid piece, it was wrapped around itself so could be flattened out. Either will work though.

  • Measure out (depending on the size of your lego intention) about a 1.5cm of roll
  • Carefully use the knife to cut this off of the roll. Repeat until you have 12 pieces.
  • Match up your pieces to make equal sized circles and glue the ends together

While that dries..

  • I measured my circles and the using a protractor I drew up perfectly round circles a mm or two smaller than measured, on a separate piece of flat cardboard (you can attack this however you prefer). Cut these out
  • You should be able to just slot your flat cardboard into the circles fairly easily. Try make the top as flat as possible, it doesn't really matter if doesn't sit against the edging perfectly inside, so long as the top is all the same level.
  • Glue these pieces into the circles
  • Now you can line these circles up to the lid your shoebox and glue them down!

Step 2: And Now We Paint!

Once The glue for the circles has adequately dried you can begin painting.

I used a primer to help smooth out the parts where there was raised writing and such on the box, also to help the paint take better, but this isn't a necessity. I also thought black would cover any inconsistencies as I'm no perfectionist.

Sorry I didn't take pictures of this step, but its much like...watching paint dry.

All in all I think I needed two-three layers of paint to be happy with it, I then used a spray matte sealer to assist in having the lid close with ease and not stick to itself.

And you're done!

The final product should look something like this (albeit maybe better)

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