Introduction: Lego Desk Organizer

Hello! Here is a simple Lego Desk Organizer I made out of simple parts I had. Here's how to make it

Step 1: Base

Here is the base of the organizer. I made it 16×8 Studs long, with a 12 stud by 6 stud area open in front for the drawer. I also put a 2×2 flat brick in the two back corners and a 1×1 vent piece in the two front corners

Step 2: Top Portion

For the top part, I used a 16×8 base plate. On top for the pen and pencil holders I made two squares, One 8×8 And One 8×7

Step 3: Drawer

I made the drawer on a 6×8 base plate, but attached two 6×2 base plates to it, and attached 3 2×4 blocks, the one in the middle has a handle thing on it ( sorry I don't know exactly what the block is)

Step 4: Putting Together

Now, attach the top to the base, and put the drawer in the bottom

Step 5: Complete

Now that your done, you can put some pens and pencils in top and whatever you want to put in the drawer, like erasers, paper clips, rubber bands or maybe binder clips. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it!
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