Lego Drone

Introduction: Lego Drone

Step 1: Gather Parts

Found these on pick a brick
1nose cone small 1x1. Grey
1 prismatic binoculars. Grey
2 round brick 1x1. Grey
3 round plate 1x1. 2 grey 1 clear/ colored
2 Stick Ø 3.2 W. Holder. Grey

I could not find these on pick a brick
1 helmet. Grey
1 screwdriver. Grey
2 small gears. Grey
2 circular saws. Grey
1 cross axle with a stud on the end. Grey

Step 2: Construction 1

Now you need to put the 2 round bricks on the small gear. Be sure to line it up like this. Warning this might crush the gear a little bit.

Step 3: Construction 2

Do the same with the other small gear and the two grey round plates.

Step 4: Main Body Step 1

Slide construction 1 down the cross axle with a stud on the end like this.

Step 5: Main Body Step 2

Do the same with construction 2 like this.

Step 6: Main Body Step 3

Add the colored round paler to the stud spot on the front and the small nose cone pice to the back like so.

Step 7: Main Body Step 4

Add the helmet on the the small nose cone.

Step 8: Construction 3

Take the binoculars and the screwdriver and put them together like this.

Step 9: Main Body Step 5

Add construction 3 like this.

Step 10: Main Body Step 6

Insert the Stick Ø 3.2 W. Holder in to the round brick on both sides like this.

Step 11: Main Body Step 7

Attach the circular saws to the Stick Ø 3.2 W. Holder like this.

Step 12: Build More and Enjoy

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    4 years ago

    what set the helmet from? from all my lego years i never seen helmet like that