Introduction: Lego Earphones

Me and my friend are huge Lego's fans. I wanted to surprise him with something strange in Lego theme, so I tried to put my headphones into lego's blocks. I chose the colors yellow and blue because those are my favorite team colours , and for this first test I used thoso white  headphones (now gray because ruined, but still working).

What you need:
-A pair of headphones (obviously)
-Two or more lego's blocks (yet obvious)
-A cutter
-Best glue or hot glue
-Rock music or metal to try it.

Step 1: Cutting...

Legos are like butter, can easily be cut. With the knife make a hole to pass the headphones and remove the center slot. You should have a kind of  cube, completely open on one side with a hole for the wire on one of the short sides, as in the photo. Do the same thing for the other block, like in the photo.

Step 2: & Pasting....

Now is the time to glue everything. I used the quick-setting glue, but I think the hot glue works best. I would rather try the "green stuff", but I was not sure would hold well . Glue them so that the tire is completely external, so that you can wear them easily. Wait until the glue is dry before you try them, wont you  find them glued to your ears, want you?

Step 3: Finally Some Consideration...

Now, you may have used two pieces of different color or two of the same color, in any case would have the headphones of a different color from lego, then you might paint that. You may also make a "wire-stopper" (I do not know how to call it in English) using Lego pieces, Or "build" something on your headphones. Let your imagination work

Thank you for reading my post, if you liked and want to let me know what you think leave a comment below, I will be happy to respond.
And if you made ​​a couple, let your photos here please. ;p

Finally, I apologize if I made any grammar errors (or Horrors). And of course sorry for the bad-quality photos, my camera wasn't warking so i used my mobile phone....

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