Lego Figure Display Case

Introduction: Lego Figure Display Case

These simple instructions will demonstrate how to turn a shadow box into a display case for your Lego figures.

Step 1: Gathering Tools/Parts/Figures

Here are the necessities ;

1. A shadow box

Anything can work that has enough depth for the figures you are putting inside. For instance you could re-purpose a picture frame or even a clock frame from storage or a thrift shop. In my case I found an inexpensive shadow box at a local craft store. The important thing is that it has the dimensions and style that you would like for your display.

2. Lego base plate and figures

Be aware that the base plate may need to be trimmed in order to fit your chosen shadow box. In my family, mutilating a Lego piece is a crime, however I have several excess base plates from thrift shops/garage sales that I did not need to use a piece from my collection.

Helpful tools;

It is certainly possible to accomplish this project with little more than a screwdriver and glue, but it all depends on the frame you have chosen for your shadow box. The following are suggested tools that you may be helpful depending on your scenario.

1. Needle-nose pliers

2. Wire cutters

3. Glue - either superglue or hot-glue will work just fine

4. Tape

5. Screwdriver

6. Dremel tool - along with goggles and an adult handler for safety

Step 2: Adjusting the Base Plate

In my scenario, the base plate fitting perfectly in the vertical direction however I needed to trim around 1.5" in the horizontal direction. To do this I marked the edge I would cut and carefully cut along the mark with a Dremel tool and cutting disc attachment.

Possible adjustments that may be necessary;


As I had to do. Again this will depend on your chosen shadow box. Just be sure to get snug fit into the back of the box and use a method for trimming that you feel comfortable with.

Wall Mounting

If you are able to reuse the wall mounting hardware that your frame came with then you will not have to worry about this. Otherwise, if your frame needs something for wall mounting you could attach the hardware directly to the back of the base plate. You could simply create some wire loops that are then glued/tapes/screwed into the base plate/frame from which your display can hang on to a nail in the wall.

Step 3: Removing the Back of Your Shadow Box

Remove whatever is holding the frame back in place.

Step 4: Attaching the Base Plate to the Frame Back

Next is to fasten the base plate to the frame backing so that the Lego pegs will be visible from the front of the display. If you are not desiring permanent attachment use tape. Otherwise I recommend using super glue. Take care lining the plate up so that it is even to your liking.

In the possibility that you do not have a back piece to the frame you can simply find a way of attaching the base plate to the frame itself or create a back piece from a hard piece of cardboard.

Step 5: Lego Assembly and Mounting!

The final step is the fun part. If this is a gift you might consider letting the receiver do this task as it is the majority of the enjoyment in this project.

Prepare a scene that you would like to display using your Lego figures. Be as creative as you want. The great thing about this project is if you get tired of the display you can simply change it with another Lego scene.

Mount the display on the wall, marvel it, and show it off to guests!

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