Lego Frankenstein




Introduction: Lego Frankenstein

Step 1: Materials

To make this cool dude, you will need the following bricks:

-5 1x2s, black
-7 1x2s, brown
-2 1x2s, green

-4 1x3s, brown
-2 1x3s, lime

-2 2x2s, black
-4 2x2s, brown
-6 2x2s, green
-4 2x2s, lime

-2 2x3s, black
-4 2x3s, brown
-2 2x3s, green
-2 2x3s, lime

-2 2x4s, black
-2 2x4s, brown
-1 2x4, green
-2 2x4s, lime

Step 2: Feet & Legs

Use 2 black 1x2, 2 black 2x2s, 2 black 2x4s, and 6 green 2x2s to make two sets of feet and legs as shown.

Step 3: Pants

Top each leg with a green 2x3. Join these two together and top with a green 2x4 in the middle and a green 1x2 on each side.

Step 4: Torso

Make a stack of 3 1x2s in brown and black and add on top of the pants. Now stack 2 brown 2x3s and put one stack on each side of the 1x2s.

Step 5: Arms

Build a layer of 2 brown 1x2s, 2 brown 1x3s, and 2 borwn 2x4s. Build the next layer using 2 brown 1x2s, 2 brown 1x3s, 2 brown 2x2s, 1 brown 1x4, and 1 black 1x4.

Step 6: Hands and Neck

Use 2 brown 2x2s and 2 lime 2x2s to make the hans and attach to the end of the arms. Attach a lime 2x2 to the middle of the shoulders.

Step 7: The Head

Stack a lime 2x4 on top of 2 lime 2x3s. Stack a lime 1x4 and 2 lime 2x3s on the next level. Make the nose by attaching a lime 2x2 to the bottom of a lime 2x4 and adding it to the head. Add the first layer of hair by adding a black 1x4 to this level and topping off with 2 black 2x3s. Attach the head to the body and you have just created a green-skinned monster. Now make him stiffly walk around while making weird monster noises. RRRRGGGAAAAAHHHH

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    The little video is a great touch (although it could have done with creeeeeaaaaakingsound effects...).


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the comment. I totally agree, I was going to add my own Frankenstein noises but I wanted to post this before Halloween. Maybe I'll add some audio if I get around to it.