Introduction: Lego Glados

This one was my idea, so you need these pieces then glados will test tho cooperative testing initiative. Have fun!!!!

Step 1: Parts

These are the pieces you need

Step 2: The Body of GLaDos

First you connect the wire pieces,than you put the long white piece on.

Step 3: The Shells

You overlap most of them on the main shell, like this, then you do the same for the second one,then put them on the body.

Step 4: Now Little Caroline Is in Here Too

The head is a little tricky, for me at least, but look at the pictures the tell you everything, shutting up now. ;-)

Step 5: Finishing

Tis is all that is left, really short actually,

Step 6: Continue Testing

Now your all done, make her move back and forth, up and down!!!!!! It also doesn't matter what color the attachment piece is, but have fun!!