Introduction: Lego Halo: Lego Elite and Grunt

Welcome back again! I can't say how truly amazing this journey has been, being featured on my fourth Instructable! Like WHAT?!!?? Anyways, I hope that I can continue to improve and grow to please everyone who has supported me. Today's Instructable will be on an Elite and Grunt from the Halo series. Enjoy!

Step 1: Elite

Here are the pieces you will need for the Elite.

Step 2: The Body and Head

All you will need to do for the body is place a dark grey 1x1 with studs on opposite sides onto a dark grey sextant. If you want, you can start the head by taking a dark grey 1x1 with clamp and put it in top. Now, there are two different ways you can make the rest of head, as the best way uses a rare piece a lot of you won't have. For the first option, take a dark grey 1x2 that is curved and place a black stud in the raised section. Place that on the body. Or, you can take a dark grey jumper and place a 1x2 smooth plate on top.

Step 3: The Legs

Truthfully, I have no idea how to explain this, so the pictures will hopefully do you justice. If you have questions, don't hesitate to drop a comment.

Step 4: The Arms

Easy step! Take a light grey (or dark if you have it) and stick it through the upper body. Then, take two droid arms and attach them onto the parts of the stick that are sticking out.

Step 5: The (Optional) Final Step

To smooth things up, take two smooth plates and place them on the stud holes still open on the lower body. Now to the Grunt!

Step 6: Grunt

Here are the pieces you will need for the Grunt.

Step 7: The Body and Head

The body is just a light grey sextant. For the head, take a dark grey stud and place binoculars ontop. Them, take a 1x2 orange plate and pace an orange cheese slope on it. Take this and put it behind the head.

Step 8: The Legs

For the Grunt's leg, take a light grey "T" piece and stick it in the bottom of the body. Them, take two 1x1's with clamp and attach them to the T.

Step 9: The Arms

On the arms, take two light grey studs and 1x1's with clamps (they can be horizontal or vertical). Place the studs on the Potomac if each 1x1, and place them on the sides of the sextant.

Step 10: The (Optional) Final Final Step

Lastly, if you wish, place three orange studs in the ares shown above. Also, I happened to have a MegaBloks plasma pistol that fit nicely, so if you happen to also have one too, try it! Thanks for building, and I won't make this long and boring, so thanks again and stay amazing!