Introduction: Lego Hidden Bank Safe

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Are you one of those people who is always paranoid? If so this Lego hidden safe can help lower that fear. With these simple steps, you can make your own for under a few bucks.

Step 1: Supplies

1 circular magnet, 1 hook magnet, 32 square Lego tiles, a hell a lot more Lego (I didn't want to do the counting), and super glue.

Step 2: Building the Bottom

Start off buy putting 16 square tiles together and linking up the center with a layer of flat pieces. The middle needs to measure 12 x 6.

Step 3: Making the Drawer

Build a piece that is 12 x 6 and put a layer of flat pieces on top, but on each end put two 1 x 4 pieces on each end. On the portion that is facing outwards, put flat pieces on the 1 x 4 so that way the piece will blend in with the rest of the block.

Step 4: Building the Perimeter

Build a perimeter around the middle of the base that is covered with flat pieces.

Step 5: Creating the Lock Mechanism

Super glue a magnet on the on the portion of the drawer that is facing outwards. Now if you want to access the drawer, all you have to do is take your other magnet, the one that has the hook, put it up to the portion of the drawer that is facing outward with the magnet, and pull.

Step 6: Adding the Top Layer

To make the top, simply put 16 more square tiles together, in a way that you create a roof.

I hope that this tutorial was useful in any way, and I am more then happy to answer any comments or concerns that you might have.

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