Introduction: Lego Interlocking Heart Pendants

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This will show you how to make two necklaces (one for you, one for your sweetheart) and when you put them together they make a heart.

Perfect nerdy valentines day gift!

This is really simple, the hardest part is finding the materials. You can buy the Lego parts needed here.

Step 1: Parts / Tools

You will need the following to make this.

  • Two necklace chains.
  • Two jump rings.
  • Two Lego 2x2 Coupling Plates (par no. 4225733)
  • Pliers.

Step 2: Attach the Jump

Use the pliers to put the jump rings through the hole in the plates

Step 3: Chains.

Now string the chains through the jump rings.

Step 4: Finish.

Now your done!

Now all that's left is to give one half to your girlfriend/boyfriend.  Just link the bricks at a right angle and it makes a heart!

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