Introduction: Lego Iron Man Flash Drive

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Ok, so several year ago I bought this lego minifig flash drive keychain. It is a 8gb flash drive so it is still a decent size, not too big but still usable. The only minifig flash drives that you can buy it seems are the generic, minifigs, like a man, a woman, or a police man. Mine is a fireman, because, well, I am a fireman. Well anyhow the keychain is all worn out, the hands have fallen off, and it is all scratched up and needs to be taken off of the keychain. I thought instead of tossing it I could dissect it and transplant the usable parts to a cooler character, like batman. But alas, I don't have a batman minifig. But, I do have a Iron Man Minifig, so I will make that.

Step 1: Parts

Here is a list of all of the parts and materials I used in this Project

Lego Man Flash Drive

Here is a Link to it on Amazon

Glossy Modge Podge

Here is a Link to it on Amazon

Super Glue

Here is a Link to it on Amazon

Step 2: Strip Usable Parts From Old Flash Drive

I wanted to take the flash drive part of the old keychain off and reuse it in the new one. I also wanted to used the nail part that goes through the hat, head, and into the chest area. It was a little difficult to get the flash drive part off of the old one. I had to use pliers to get it all taken apart so I could get to the flash drive part. Once I got it out I cleaned up all of the old superglue off of it with a scalpel.

The nail that holds the hat and head on just took some elbowgrease with a pliers to pull out. I also needed to reuse the legs from the original keychain.

Step 3: Paint

I wanted to paint the legs to match the iron man so I painted the legs red with some plastic krylon paint. The flash drive part also had his belt on it so I painted the belt red using some red acylic paint.

Step 4: Prepare the Iron Man Figure

Next I prepared the iron man minifig by drilling a small hole into the helmet, head and neck. I also glued the hands into the arms using superglue so that they would not fall out. I applied a generous amount of superglue to the flash drive part and attached it to the chest area.

Step 5: Add Keychain Hardware

The studded nail with the loop in the top was probibly the hardest to install, I heated it up using a torch and pushed it into the helmet and head, it cooled off quickly so I used a nail set to finish the job. It will hold the whole thing together as a keychain.

Step 6: Modge Podge

I wanted the whole thing to be coated in something that would protect the keychain and help the paint last a lot longer. So I covered the whole thing in glosssy modge podge and hung it up to dry.

Step 7: Finished

I like the way it turned out. I took an old worn out broken keychain and renewed it with a different character. It turned out very cool. Thanks for taking a look.