Introduction: Lego Lens Cap Saver

Keep your lens cap's from getting lost all over the shop with this clever Lego and Sugru hack. And if you don't have Sugru you could always use Araldite for extra strength and resilience to tough camera abuse. I did both and I've got to say I'd trust the Araldite a lot more.

What you need:

  • Camera lens cap
  • Camera strap
  • Sugru
  • Flat lego pieces
  • Araldite

Step 1: Attaching the Lego to the Lens Cap

Spread a blob of Sugru on to your lens cap about the rough size of your Lego piece with the bricks bump face upwards (make sure you don't put it in the way of the clasping mechanism).

Fill the underside of the flat Lego piece with Sugru and then push it brick side up on to the lens cap Sugru mound, pressing the two pieces together but be careful not to apply too much force as the Lego pieces could cut through the Sugru rather than adhere to it.

Step 2: Attaching the Flat Lego to the Camera Strap

Smear a tiny piece of your Sugru on to your fabric camera strap and build up layer upon layer to give the Sugru strength against the flexible material, then push the Lego flat face side down in to the Sugru mound until it adheres.

Step 3: Let It Cure

Sugru is only pliable for thirty minutes after the packet has been opened so you should work fast and find a side project to use the rest of your Sugru on after you've finished this project. Sugru needs 24 hours to dry fully and to form the all important bond we need to keep the Lego securely in place.

Of course you could use your spare Sugru on turning everything and anything in to a lens cap port; your camera bag strap, a belt, a boot, whatever you use to go snapping your pictures you can paste Sugru on it and make it a Lens Cap safehouse. Also you could put Lego Flat's on each of your Len's caps.

Once your Sugru is dry you're good to go. You can also do this tutorial by replacing the Sugru with Araldite for extra strength and use whatever Lego pieces you like to snaz it up a bit.

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